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Chair pad

Washable bed pad is designed for bedridden patients, people with disabilities and people with incontinenceproblems. Washable chair pad is ideal for protecting chairs, sofas, car seats and wheelchairs for people withincontinence problems. Washable bib is perfect for the elderly, patients and home residents to use during mealtime to protect clothing from spills and liquids.



Facing: polyester

Soaker: polyester+viscose

Backing: polyester+TPU/PVC


A chair pad is a cushion or padding that is placed on a chair seat to provide comfort and support. It can be made from various materials such as foam, gel, or memory foam and is often covered in fabric or leather. Chair pads are commonly used on dining chairs, office chairs, or any other chair that may benefit from additional cushioning. They can help relieve pressure on the buttocks and lower back, promote proper posture, and make sitting for extended periods more comfortable. Chair pads are available in different sizes, shapes, and thicknesses to accommodate various chair designs and user preferences.