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Exam & Operating Room Supplies

  • Made of high quality materials
  • Provide effective hygienic protection
  • Easy to use and dispose
  • Save much time on cleanup

Item Name




Exam table paper






1-ply tissue

2-ply tissue

1-ply tissue + 1-ply PE

1-ply nonwoven

1-ply tissue + 1-ply PE

1roll/bag, 6rolls/carton

1roll/bag, 9rolls/carton

1roll/bag, 12rolls/carton

Headrest cover



1-ply tissue + 1-ply PE


Pillow case






1-ply nonwoven

1-ply tissue + 1-ply PE

10pcs/bag, 20bags/carton

50pcs/bag, 4bags/carton

10pcs/bag, 50bags/carton

Duvet cover


1-ply nonwoven

10pcs/bag, 5bags/carton

Fitted sheet


1-ply nonwoven

1-ply nonwoven + 1-ply PE

10pcs/bag, 5bags/carton

Surgical floor mat





Customized size, material and packaging are welcome.

Newrise offers a broad range of disposable high-quality products for use in exam rooms, operating theatres, healthcare or similar. Our product range includes exam table roll, dental headrest cover, pillow case, duvet cover, fitted bed sheet and surgical floor mat.

Exam table paper rolls are mainly used in hospitals, clinics and beaty centers for the hygienic protection of examination tables or couches and also for protection of patients from cross contamination. Our exam table paper is usually made of one ply of tissue or nonwoven with one ply of PE film, but it can also be two plies of tissue with or without PE film. Newrise couch rolls can be perforated on request to achieve easy tearing and reduce waste. Each roll of our examination table paper is individually wrapped and sealed to ensure hygiene.

Dental headrest covers are ideal to protect dental chairs and patients in hospitals and dental clinics. Newrise disposable headrest covers are made from absorbent tissue and waterproof poly, this construction ensures patient comfort, reduces the risk of cross contamination and protects dental chairs from dirt and liquids.

Pillow cases are economical alternatives to replace traditional pillow cases for single use to ensure hygiene in hospitals, physician offices, emergency rooms or similar. Our disposable pillowcases are made with one ply soft nonwoven or one ply tissue with one ply PE film which ensures both comfort and effective protection. Thanks to our sealing technology, our pillow covers are strongly sealed to ensure that the sealing does not break when the pillow is tucked in. Inner flat can be added by request to offer better protection and keep the pillow stay in place.

Disposable duvet covers are perfect to protect duvets and quilts from getting dirt and to ensure highest hygiene for users. They are made from super soft, breathable and anti-static nonwoven material which offers ultimate comfort during use. Sealings on three sides are super strong, so don’t worry it will break. Our quilt covers are folded in small sizes making them easy to carry and use during travel or trip.

Disposable fitted sheet are ideal for exam rooms, operating rooms, spas, salons and etc. Newrise disposable fitted bed covers are usually made of soft, breathable, water resistant nonwoven, clients can also choose to add one more layer of waterproof poly at backing to prevent leakage for better protection. Our disposable fitted bed sheets have elastic bands all around and size 90cm by 200cm can fit most of the exam beds or massage tables.

Surgical floor mats are designed to manage fluid waste on operating room floors, lab floors and etc. Made from ultra absorbent nonwoven that can absorb up to ten times its dry weight in liquid. The poly backing is made with anti-slip PE film which keeps the surgical floor pad in place firmly and prevents fluids staining the floor. Newrise absorbent floor mat is an effective solution to handle fluids, keep floor dry and clean and save much time for floor cleanup.

Why choose Newrise for exam room and OR supplies?

Newrise is a professional manufacturer of wide range of disposable exam room and theatre supplies, with over ten years’ experience on production we know how to make qualified products with lowest production costs. We are flexible on quality, no matter what kind you're looking for we will be able to meet your needs. We attach great importance to quality, the entire process from incoming raw materials to finished products is strictly controlled to ensure product quality meets standards.

If you are looking for a stable and reliable supplier of exam room and OR supplies, Newrise is your perfect choice.