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Raw Material

  • Wide scope of application
  • Soft, breathable and comfortable
  • Absorbent and tear-resistant

Item Name





Needle punched nonwoven

Polyester + viscose




Laminated tissue

Tissue + PE






Laminated nonwoven

Nonwoven + PE




Customized material, width, length and colour are welcome.

Newrise’s raw material line offers a range of material rolls that can be used for a wide scope of applications, especially in medical industry. This line mainly includes needle punched nonwoven, PE laminated tissue, and PE laminated nonwoven. We can produce material rolls in different widths and lengths upon customers’ request.

Needle punched nonwoven is used in many industries such as medical, cleaning and automotive. Needle punched nonwoven is very soft, breathable and comfortable. Due to its manufacturing process, it is highly resistant in both lateral and machine direction. To further enhance the softness and absorbency of the fabric, we can also add viscose on request. Soft and absorbent needle punched nonwoven fabric is ideal of being used as absorbent pad of hemostatic slice, medical dressing and wound plaster. Our nonwoven fabric is also the perfect raw material of orthopedic cast padding and cleaning wipes.  

Newrise laminated tissue roll is suitable for further processing into PE tissue laminated finished products in medical and healthcare industry, including disposable bib, bed sheet, couch roll, wrapping field, folded drape and etc. Our PE tissue laminated material is made from high quality tissue paper and a strong PE film for absorption and waterproof properties. Typically, this material is one ply tissue laminated with pne ply PE film, but it can also be two or more plies of tissue with one ply of PF film.

Laminated nonwoven consists of one or more plies of nonwoven and one ply of PE film. Nonwoven material can be needle-punched nonwoven, spunlace, pp spunbond nonwoven, SMS, SMMS or other nonwoven fabrics. There are a variety of PE film available for option to meet different needs. PE nonwoven laminated material not only keeps the properties of original materials such as the soft touch of nonwoven, but also makes the material stronger and more durable. High properties of bonded material is widely used in many industries, including medical, hygiene, clothing, household and etc. Our laminated nonwoven is suitable to be used in production of surgical drapes and gowns, protective covers for the medical industry as well as diapers and bathing products for patients in hygiene products.

Why choose Newrise for raw materials?

Newrise is a professional manufacturer, we know how to make qualified products with lowest production costs with over ten years’ experience on production. We attach great importance to quality, if you are looking for a reliable supplier, Newrise is your ideal partner.