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Wash Gloves

  • Pocket shape for easy use
  • Super soft, absorbent and tear-resistant
  • Gentle to fragile skin
  • Ideal solution for body cleaning
  • Single use eliminates the risk of cross infection












Dipping nonwoven

Molton + PE

Spunlace + PE

Airlaid + PE



50pcs/bag, 20bags/carton

50pcs/bag, 40bags/carton

100pcs/bag, 10bags/carton

100pcs/bag, 20bags/carton

Customized size, material, color and shape are welcome.


Newrise’s wash gloves or wash mitts are ideal to be used in hospitals, nursing homes and retirement homes for everyday bathing of bedridden, incontinent or dependent patients or residents.


Pocket shape of our wash gloves is easy to use and stays well on hand during use.  Our washing gloves come with different versions and materials to meet customers’ needs.


Dry wash glove range include molton wash gloves, spunlace wash gloves and dipping nonwoven wash gloves. Among these, the most commonly used material is needle-punched material also called molton. It is super soft and absorbent which is ideal for safe care of fragile skin, and it will not tear when getting wet. Spunlace is also a popular material, it can be considered premium quality and its embossed honeycomb surface offers improved cleaning.


PE laminated wash glove range have molton wash gloves with PE, spunlace wash gloves with PE and airlaid wash gloves with PE. The surface is soft and absorbent, while the plastic lining inside ensures extra hygiene and protection for the caregivers.


Pre-moistened or wet wash gloves is mainly made of high quality embossed spunlace material. With our pre-moistened gloves, there’s no need for water, soap, drying and rinsing achieving waterless shower. Made from a hypoallergenic, pH-balanced formula that safely cleanses the skin while also moistures the skin. One bag is equal to one shower, so it is really an easy and effective solution for convenient bathing.


Why choose Newrise for wash gloves?

Newrise is a professional manufacturer of wash gloves, with over ten years’ experience on production we know how to make qualified products with lowest production costs. We have different version of wash gloves for customers to choose from, no matter what kind you're looking for we will be able to meet your needs. We attach great importance to quality, the entire process from incoming raw materials to finished products is strictly controlled to ensure product quality meets standards.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of wash gloves or direct washing glove factory, Newrise is your perfect choice.