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Washable bed pad is designed for bedridden patients, people with disabilities and people with incontinenceproblems. Washable chair pad is ideal for protecting chairs, sofas, car seats and wheelchairs for people withincontinence problems. Washable bib is perfect for the elderly, patients and home residents to use during mealtime to protect clothing from spills and liquids.



Facing: polyester/cotton

Backing: polyester+TPU/PVC


Bib is a term that can refer to several different things:

1. Bib can refer to a garment worn by infants or young children to protect their clothes while eating. It is typically made of a soft and absorbent material and is tied around the neck.

2. Bib can also refer to a piece of cloth or plastic that is worn by adults while eating messy foods to protect their clothing. These bibs are often used by adults with disabilities or elderly individuals who may have difficulty eating without making a mess.

3. In the context of religion, a bib is a piece of cloth or garment worn by priests or religious leaders during religious ceremonies. It is often worn over the chest and is typically white or another color that signifies their religious order or status.

4. Bib can also be a shortened form of bibliography, which is a list of sources or references used in a research paper or academic work.

5. In some slang or colloquial usage, bib can be used as a verb meaning to drink or consume alcohol in a social setting.