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Why do people in European countries like to bathe with disposable non-woven washgloves?

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As we know that most Europeans like to use disposable non-woven handbags as bath assistants, but why ? Do you want to know ?

Chang zhou Newrise Medical & Hygiene products OEM factory As a factory producing disposable non-woven washing gloves and non-woven raw materials for 12 years, they are very professional! They can produce all kinds of washgloves, dry, pre-moistened or pre-soaped !

The material of their non-woven wash gloves is very soft and has strong water absorption, it is made into a handbag by ultrasonic technology, with strong tear fastness and no irritation to the skin. It is an ideal choice for safe care of fragile skin. Hygienic and can effectively reduce the risk of cross infection!

If you are on a business trip, traveling, or a nursing home, an elderly person in a nursing home, a patient in a hospital, or other inconveniences, you can also choose a wet handbag, which is directly used for body cleaning and wiping, which is very convenient! Also people can choose to add different fragrances!

There is also a pre-soap washing glove, whether it is fish-shaped or rectangle, as long as it is slightly damp with water, it can rub out rich soap bubbles, which is also very convenient to clean the skin!

By a way, if you want to keep your hands dry in the shower, you can choose a handbag with a layer of PE film inside!

Now,you can think that how convenient it is for Europeans to use disposable non-woven washgloves when bathing?