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What kind of baby's bib is better?

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A baby's bib is also more important. If there is no protection from the taste, the baby's body or clothes will often be particularly dirty. Therefore, parents can choose a suitable bib and master the correct selection method to make the environment around the baby more tidy. What is the baby's bib?

When choosing a baby bib, it is necessary to understand the size, material and color of the taste. Some babies like different colors, but you can choose more colorful colors. There are also some babies who may be younger and smaller in size, so they will choose a more suitable bib, such as a small one.

1. Bib size. If the baby's bib is relatively large, it may still get inside the baby's clothes while eating. In addition, if the position of the bib is tight, the baby's breathing will become more difficult. So find a suitable girth size that can make the baby's clothes cleaner without disturbing the baby's breathing.

2. Bib material. Some baby's bib materials may have relatively high friction, such as polyester, etc., which are easy to scratch the baby's skin and are not suitable as a baby's bib material. In addition, some materials are relatively soft, such as cotton, rubber, etc. At this time, you can choose according to different stages.