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Selection and use of survival blankets

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Take the long route, be sure to carry the life blanket, the critical moment can save your life.

Now there are a lot of life blankets on the market, cheap a few dollars a few hundred dollars expensive, where is the difference between them? The principle of an emergency blanket is to apply volatile deposited aluminum particles to a polyester film. This insulation blanket can reflect its own heat, prevent wind, isolate the cold air outside and insulate. In fact, it is also the MPI insulation technology of the United States. MPI's insulation technology has its roots in NASA's Apollo space program, and MPI has been working on space insulation for NASA since the 1960s. What is the insulation material of MPI made of? How is the insulation effect produced? In short, MPI materials have the following technical characteristics:

survival blankets

1. It applies 1 millionth of an inch of precise vapor deposited aluminum to the surface film, thus forming a barrier of thermal radiation;

2, the bottom layer of the surface film with its precise proportion of metallization treatment, to ensure that the effective reflection of thermal radiation wavelength for the human body;

3. All materials are a direct by-product of NASA space technology, from the early Pegasus weather balloon to today's current shuttle missions;

4. According to the research and analysis of U.S. Army Quartermaster Testing Laboratories located in Massachusetts, the heat exchange channels between human body and the outside world and their proportions are as follows:

(1) Thermal radiation: 38.5%

The direct correlation with human heat loss is Infra-Red Radiation, whose wavelength ranges from 10 − 1 to 10 − 4 centimeters. The SPACE brand blankets, containing the Layer of Vapor deposited aluminum, can effectively reflect the infrared of this band and efficiently reflect the heat energy back to the heating source. In simple terms, when the body gives off heat, the space blanket reflects it back to the surface, reducing heat loss as radiation.

(2) Convection: 31.5%

Still air is a poor conductor of heat. For example, when a certain amount of gas is sealed in the middle of double glass, heat convection on the glass surface can be greatly reduced. The material used in the blanket creates an air barrier, which not only protects against wind and water but also helps keep heat generated by the body inside the blanket.

(3) Steamed hair: 27.0%

The surface of human skin and exhalation can cause moisture evaporation. When moisture condenses inside clothing, it reduces the insulation of the fabric and makes the body feel cold and uncomfortable. The physical characteristics of the blanket naturally allow some free flow of air between the blanket and the body, reducing recondensation. As you wrap the blanket around your body, remember to loosen it frequently to help you further avoid moisture.

(4) Conduction: 3.0%

The blanket also contains a special plastic film. non-breathable barriers can be created to prevent heat loss through direct conduction.

survival blankets

If you go outdoors in harsh environments, be sure to take it with you.

1. The thickened emergency blanket as a floor mat is very good for isolating the underground air conditioning.

2, can be draped in the body windproof insulation. In short, outdoor travel, with a first aid blanket or very reliable, critical moment can save the life.