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Principle of breathable material of disposable medical protective clothing

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Disposable medical protective clothing materials should meet the requirements of "three resistance and one resistance" (that is, water resistance, blood resistance, alcohol resistance and anti-static) of micro and nano materials. This composite material can be combined with different materials, such as polyethylene/polypropylene spinning adhesive nonwovens, with breathable microporous films or other nonwovens, or spunlaced nonwovens with breathable microporous films, or wood paddle composite spunlaced nonwovens. In addition, there are some PTFE prepared membrane material can be used for high-end protective clothing fabric production. In these composites, porous membranes are particularly important.

Protective Clothing

Polyethylene breathable film/nonwoven fabric composite material has excellent effect on blocking bacterial particle penetration and liquid penetration, and

Feel can be adjusted by changing the softness of composite fabric, its strong tensile strength, good air permeability, greatly improved comfort performance, can withstand disinfection treatment, does not contain toxic ingredients.

Principle of breathability

Inorganic matter + stretch = micropores, in fact, the operation is very particular, only the size is appropriate, uniform distribution of micropores to be effective. Understretch and small pore size, understretch and no pore size, poor tensile and insufficient microholes can only be waste products.

When the concentration of water vapor on one side of the film is greater than that on the other side of the film, a moisture gradient pressure difference is formed. This provides the basic conditions for convection of the gas (vapor) body, and the formation of convection makes the humidity environment on both sides of the film tend to be relatively balanced.

Protective Clothing

Principles of breathable membrane technology

PE+CaCO3 (master particle) -- film-forming -- stretching -- breathable membrane

PE breathable film is in LDPE/LLDPE polyethylene resin carrier, adding about 50% special calcium carbonate for blending, extrusion film after a certain rate of directional stretching. Because polyethylene resin is thermoplastic plastic material, can be stretched and crystallized under certain conditions, tensile between the polymer and calcium carbonate particles interface peeling, calcium carbonate particles around the formation of interconnected winding pores or channels, giving the film breathable (wet) function.

The breathable film is used as a water barrier film, which has a liquid barrier effect. Because of the many paths in the film, the zigzagging channel formed by it has a large "aspect ratio" (L/D) value, which can be understood as a capillary. Therefore, in the same liquid (such as water), under the same pressure, as long as the height of the liquid column of the capillary is less than the length of the capillary, the liquid can be guaranteed not to leak out.