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First aid blanket use method and use scenario

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Have you noticed that?

In the first aid kit, you'll find something shiny like this?

Emergency Blankets

What is this? Is it an emergency...

Tinsel for the barbecue?

In fact, careful friends may see it in the news.

It's an emergency blanket!

Don't underestimate it, in first aid, it can play a big role.

This little emergency blanket is a big deal. It comes from the related technology of NASA's lunar rover -- to ensure that the rover can maintain a small ambient temperature in the environment of too high and too low temperature, so that the equipment will not be out of control due to too large temperature change in a short time. That's why it's also called the space blanket.

Why the emergency blanket

First aid blanket/thermal blanket has a lot of effects, such as rain, wind, sun protection, let's take a look at its specific role:

1) Insulation: In case of sudden disasters such as snowstorms and sudden loss of temperature, as a temporary first aid equipment, life blanket can effectively prevent heat loss by reflecting more than 80% of human body heat, maintain normal body temperature and wait for support from the rear.

2) Reflective: It also has a good reflective effect (so that emergency personnel can quickly spot you in the wilderness).

3) Shading: It can shade the sun under the hot conditions of direct sun and effectively resist UV and high temperature damage.

4) Strong, waterproof: it is also very strong, and waterproof, in rainy days out of emergency, the effect is also very good.

5) Light: small size, light weight, easy to carry, folded only palm size, but can be opened to wrap your body.

When should I use an emergency blanket

1. After an accident, the emergency blanket can be used to cover the body to prevent a sharp drop in body temperature;

2. When the vehicle breaks down in a cold zone or at night, the emergency blanket can be used to keep the body warm;

3, the first aid blanket can be used as a reflecting film to send signals to the rescuers;

4, in rainy days, the emergency blanket can be used as a poncho, can be stretched to make a canopy;

5. Parking under direct sunlight in summer, the silver side of the emergency blanket faces outward to cover the front windshield of the car, which can reduce the heat absorption in the car;

6. Put an emergency blanket in your sleeping bag for great warmth.

Whether you're driving or outdoors, keep it with you and it'll protect you in the Nick of time

How to use the gold/silver sides?

A student asked, "Some first-aid blankets on the market have gold and silver colors. One side is gold and the other is silver. What is the purpose of these two colors?"

Answer: "The human body in the condition of loss of temperature, can wrap silver in it, gold heat, silver heat back. And when we get too hot and need some shade, we can turn the silver outward to reflect the sun."