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Eyes under the protective face shield

Views: 100     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-03-22      Origin: Site

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This is what kind of eyes, behind the clear face shield, like stars shining with soft and firm light. The condensed water vapor on the face shield cannot block the kindness in your eyes. The mask covers your beautiful face, but I can feel the corners of your mouth rising behind the mask. Just an eye contact instantly relieved the panic of the epidemic and the tension of the test, and the gentle words stabilized the uneasy heart of the old lady; the eyes flickered, and the child opened his mouth and cooperated happily.

The fleeting year has just entered the full moon, and you quietly cut out a piece of soft light and embedded it in Dabai's soul, sending a beam of warmth and peace to this somewhat sad day of fighting against the epidemic. I know that it is you who have shouldered the responsibilities, and rushed to the battlefield to fight against the virus without hesitation. As long as you stop your steps, keep your eyes firm, and follow the warm back, that is the direction of spring.

eyes behind the clear face shield

face shield

You said that you would use your life to stick to the promise of a lifetime, so you chose March 14th and walked into the palace of marriage hand in hand. However, at the critical juncture of the fight against the epidemic, you resolutely decided to replace your wedding dress with protective clothing and go to the battlefield of the fight against the epidemic. Who said that the epidemic took away romance, look at this hand-painted marriage certificate, every stroke is a vow of love flowing in the bottom of my heart.

You say that if you have a mother in your family, you will have the safety of a small family. You can hand over your son and family to your mother, pull up your lover, and move forward bravely without hesitation. The epidemic will never be returned.

You said that for everyone's reunion, son, you should be sensible and learn to turn your tears into encouragement and wishes for Dad. In the face of the epidemic, Dad has a greater responsibility. You instantly understood that this is the man in your heart, and this is the benchmark for your future life.

You said that you are about to retire, and the epidemic gave you the opportunity to contribute to the people of the small town, so you held your daughter's hand, and the two generations put on protective clothing to protect the safety of thousands of families in the small town.


Dark clouds can never block the moonlight, and a mask can't cover your steadfast gaze. At each prevention and control checkpoint in the eight towns and one township, a party member has a flag, and a checkpoint is a post. Sinking cadres and volunteers work together, Wear protective clothing and protect the health of thousands of households together.

There is no high or low status here, no age difference, or even gender. You, with the same gaze, the same attire, convey the same love and warmth. Washing hands frequently, cracked hands; opening and closing sampling bottles again and again, fingers were worn out; recycling garbage again and again, legs were filled with lead; sending necessary supplies to isolated families again and again, too tired to take even a step . In this way, they built a line of defense with their flesh and blood. With your watching, mother can fall asleep safely, and our baby has angelic eyes.

Cut out an extraordinary period of time, and seal the bright eyes forever in the coming years. What goes by is time, and what cannot be recovered is time. After years, the past will become a memory, and countless ordinary days will flow with time. I believe that at that time, someone will remember you, the thrilling past today, and your responsibility in protective clothing. And the beautiful and gentle eyes under your protective mask have been fixed in this unforgettable anti-epidemic time, bringing people warmth, hope and strength, and will become the most extraordinary flash in countless ordinary days in the future.

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