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Essential equipment for adventure - first aid blanket

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I believe that people who have watched American blockbusters will be wrapped in a silver blanket by the police or rescue team after seeing the heroes and heroines rescued, which is called an emergency blanket.

The biggest function of the emergency blanket is to use the principle of heat radiation to reflect heat back and forth to help the body return to body temperature as soon as possible. Wrap it around your body and you will find that your body temperature will slowly rise.

Survival blankets are an important part of first aid kits, and insulation is always a top priority for survival adventure environments.

In addition, the emergency blanket has the following functions:

1. Used to build temporary shelters, windproof and rainproof

2. Material packing

Used to pack all kinds of emergency supplies, easy to carry and move forward

3. Emergency water bag

After cutting it into thin strips, it can also be used to make rope. It is also a good choice to make an emergency water bag

4. Waterproof and warm

When you are in the wild and your shoes are all wet, the first aid blanket can also be used as a waterproof and warm insulation layer, and the first aid blanket can also be used as a waterproof and warm insulation layer.

5. Stretcher

The emergency blanket has good toughness, lightness, softness and strong plasticity, and can be used as a stretcher.

A person weighing 200 catties lies flat on the unfolded emergency blanket, and six people simultaneously lift the four corners of the emergency blanket and the middle of the edge of the blanket, which will not be damaged!

Of course, this stretcher is only a temporary measure for short-distance use. Pay attention to synchronous operation when using, otherwise it will be easily torn and hurt the sick and injured.

6. Alternative moisture-proof pad

When you are tired from walking outdoors and don’t have a stool, and the ground or lawn is too dirty or wet, emergency blankets come in handy.

7. Reflective

Wrap the emergency blanket around your body, and use its reflective effect to help rescuers find the target; in addition, if you want to take beautiful photos but the light is too weak, the emergency blanket can be transformed into a reflector, and the light will illuminate your body. beautiful!

8. Sand sculpture props

If, I said, if, you want to experience the feeling of being a "Superman" (anyway, no one sees you outdoors), you can put the emergency blanket on your body and easily realize your Superman dream.

Although it is a small emergency blanket, it is indeed very effective, and can even save your life at a critical moment. So be sure to take it with you when you travel.