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Application of medical nursing pads in the operating room

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Application of medical nursing pads in the operating room

With the development of my country's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the majority of patients not only have higher requirements for medical services and technical levels, but also have an increasing demand for the safety and quality of infection prevention in operating rooms. In many cases, conventional basic nursing methods have been difficult to meet the different needs of various diseases. To reduce nursing complications and improve their comfort is the voice of all medical staff and patients.

operating room

The operating room is a place to provide surgery and rescue for patients, and it is an important technical department of the hospital. In order to prevent infection, there are strict requirements for various indicators. Nowadays, there are more and more infection operations and emergency operations (emergency operations are treated as infected patients because there will be no time for special virus tests such as liver disease, syphilis, HIV, etc. in the future.) More and more, for surgeons and operating room nurses The work brings a lot of inconvenience, so that there is a possibility of being contaminated by infectious viruses at any time during the operation. Medical nursing pads have been used in operations since 1900, greatly reducing the chance of postoperative infection for patients. Now it has become an important measure to prevent infection in many hospitals.


The cotton soft surface layer of the medical nursing pad is made of non-woven fabric with fast water seepage, so that the liquid can reach the core layer instantly and keep the surface dry. The cotton soft and breathable surface material increases the comfort of the user. The absorbent core layer forms the product's bulkiness, liquid storage, liquid absorption, and fast water-locking capabilities; at the same time, it can reduce the friction between the product and the skin.

medical nursing pad

The core adopts dot embossing to accelerate infiltration and absorption, and at the same time fix the core structure to maintain the integrity of the core after moisture absorption. The bottom layer is a breathable bottom membrane. It uses PE as the base material. After special treatment, thousands of nano-scale air-permeable micropores are distributed on the bottom film per square centimeter of the film. These special structure micropores can not only block the leakage of liquid, but also It allows water vapor molecules to pass through quickly, so it has the function of breathability and impermeability. It can be used in conjunction with the anti-decubitus air mattress to make the skin drier and more comfortable.

medical nursing pad


1. Medical-grade disinfection standards can provide patients with a safe environment around postoperative and postpartum wounds, so as to avoid and reduce postoperative infection and bacterial growth.

2. High-grade non-woven surface layer, pure cotton skin-friendly surface layer, mild and non-irritating surface, breathable and soft, moisture-proof and flexible, caring for the skin

3. The middle absorbent core is usually filled with fluff and SAP to ensure the best absorption and fluid retention capability, but it can also be filled with multiple layers of tissue.

4. The diamond-shaped embossed design of rapid diversion allows urine to permeate and diffuse quickly, forming a three-dimensional absorption network, quickly diverting urine, and making it dry and comfortable.

5. The high water-absorbent core layer makes the urine seep down quickly, disperse evenly, and the surface is dry without reverse osmosis

6. It adopts high-efficiency leak-proof bottom film material, multi-layer protection, so you can rest assured when using it. 7. The surrounding of the nursing pad is well sealed, which can prevent urine from leaking and keep the bed sheet clean. Available in a variety of sizes and colors

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